Keep your knowledge relevant

The Crowdbase team has been working on a long list of new features and enhancements – the excitement is really building as we get closer to the launch date of our latest release at the end of October.

Add RSS feeds and track Twitter links

One of the new enhancements that really has us pumped here is the ability to add RSS feeds, track Twitter links and share those links with your team – without leaving Crowdbase. We added this enhancement because it is important to keep your internal knowledge fresh and relevant by keeping track of what is going on outside your organization. With the ability to add external content, it gives you a source for alternative perspectives on topics of interest so you can grow your knowledge base faster.

Use for Competitive Intelligence and Market Monitoring

Some of the uses we are already finding for this new enhancement are for competitive intelligence: you can add RSS feeds from competitor blogs, websites, and track Twitter links so you can stay up-to-date on what others in your industry or profession are doing. Tracking Twitter links allows you to keep an eye on experts in your field or even your own customers so you can keep apprised of any key events, trends or articles of interest. It is a great market monitoring tool, that allows you to quickly share information with your colleagues to capitalize on an opportunity or threat.

External content

If you have not checked out our website recently, you need to do it now! We recently refreshed the look and would love to hear your feedback! Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

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