Accessing Knowledge from Anywhere: Mobile Application and Chrome/Safari Extensions

The greatest strength of Crowdbase is its accessibility. Whether through the intuitive web version or the mobile application, our team is committed to always offer the simplest and easiest tools to use on all platforms, including your browser!

Discover Our Mobile App!

If you have an iPhone, an iPad or a Windows 8 phone, you can download our mobile application and access Crowdbase on the go! Just download the app, login, and you’re all set!

Crowdbase for ipad

Get the Chrome or Safari Button

When you find something interesting for you or your team, add it in Crowdbase using the Crowdbase Button. It’s the quickest way to centralize, organize, and manage web pages that matter to you.

Chrome button

Chrome and Safari users, Crowdbase is here!

Why Add a Crowdbase Button to Your Browser?

  • To make your life easier when saving content: one click and the info is automatically kept safely in your groups!
  • To categorize, add keywords and make the classification process faster.
  • To highlight your favorite items, or the ones that should be read more quickly by your team members.
  • To add comments and engage in discussion with your subscribers, without having to log in to your account.
  • To capture information when away: a tweet, a document, an email, without waiting until later … and eventually possibly forgetting about it!

Using a Different Browser? Get the Bookmarklet!

We also thought of those who do not use Safari or Chrome. The Crowdbase Bookmarklet, which is available once your account has been created, allows you to save the information, documents and things that seems relevant to you without changing browsers. You only need to drag it up onto your bookmarks bar.

Got any questions, comments or ideas? Shoot us an email at or simply hit the Help & Support button in the bottom right corner! We’ll be happy to help :)

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