Crowdbase, the Web Encyclopedia

Documentation and Feature Sheet

Thousands of users make Crowdbase the benchmark on the Web to centralize important information, organize content by topic and share knowledge with subscribers with similar interests.

We help people to learn online, quickly and efficiently, and to share this knowledge with the entire community.

At Crowdbase, our mission is to reinvent social networking and knowledge management in order to improve the way enterprises operate. We are building a social encyclopedia from our own blend of algorithms and technology to help users organize their knowledge, specifically to help them learn and share with each other.

By subscribing to Crowdbase you get:

Private groups. With Crowdbase you can easily centralize and organize information and share with your team, friends or clients. Just click on “Create a Group,” select the people with who you want to share, and it’s done.

A focal point for your content. Quickly collect important information, such as Web pages, emails and other documents that are on your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. Everything is centralized, archived, indexed and searchable from anywhere, even from your smartphone. You can also send any file to and it will be instantly added to your Crowdbase.

Relevant topics. Create a topic, add relevant content and then access it quickly, when you need to. Just create a topic or a theme that interests you (projects, products, competitors, ideas, services) and then add information related to this topic. Crowdbase analyzes all content added and suggests contextual labels to better organize the data. It’s as easy as that.

Close monitoring. You want to remember important things? You read an interesting paragraph? You want to save some vital information? It’s easy; just click or press on the text you want to keep to highlight it. You can also add annotations so that you and your team can remember the context and save time.

Significant professional performance. With Crowdbase for teams, thousands of people can access new knowledge by sharing tasks and idea generating sessions. Schools can streamline their research process and knowledge management. Enterprises can improve their methods of competitive intelligence and accelerate employee training and knowledge transfer.

Where you want it, when you want it. Manage all your knowledge from your computer or mobile devices. Crowdbase lets you collect data from any of your devices, allowing you to find everything and stay informed at all times.

A powerful search tool. Crowdbase analyzes and automatically indexes all content added to it, including documents, Web pages, articles, questions and answers. Everything is archived and searchable instantly, so that everything that’s important to you is at your fingertips, from any device.

Share knowledge. Want to know more about a member of your group or want to find an expert on a particular topic? Browse through Crowdbase user profiles and discover what they know. You will find everything you want: expertise, passions and experience.

Crowdbase for iPhone. Access all Crowdbase data from your iPhone. Simply download the app, log in and all the data that you and your team share becomes accessible whenever you need it.

Crowdbase for iPad. Looking for a convenient way to read your files? Try Crowdbase for iPad. Not only does the application allow you to send it content, organize your knowledge and access to your data, it also allows you to view everything in a tablet format that’s easy to read. You can also highlight what is important on the websites you visit by tapping it on the screen.

Crowdbase for Chrome. It’s easy to add links to Crowdbase when browsing the Internet. When you find something interesting for you or your team, add it to your knowledge bank by clicking on the Crowdbase button in Google Chrome. It’s the easiest way to centralize, organize and manage the websites that interest you.

Crowdbase for Safari. Centralizing access to websites that interest your team has never been easier. Simply click on the Crowdbase button in the Safari toolbar and then select the topic where the website should be filed. You can also add labels and comments if you want to. It’s that easy.

The Crowdbase tab. The tab is a quick and easy way to add a website to Crowdbase from any browser. When you find something interesting for you or your team, click on “Add to Crowdbase” in your favorites and it’s done.

Why Crowdbase? 

A Web encyclopedia. You need a platform that collects information that’s important to you, manages your data and helps you learn and discover new things faster. Crowdbase allows developers and enterprises to gather information from all sources, to classify them using labels and to easily access them so that everyone can assimilate them quickly.

Access for everyone, at all times. Crowdbase was designed to allow people to manage their knowledge bank easily from the Web and their mobile devices. All users that have access to a Crowdbase information bank can label and highlight important information and annotate any information to put it into context. And yes, this can also be done with the Crowdbase API.

An effective ally. You need to improve the way your team manages tasks? Crowdbase can help. You can develop your own applications to add to the application API, or you can contact our Enterprise Solution Partners to have these applications built for you. If you want to optimize the knowledge transfer process, accelerate the integration of new employees or simply facilitate access to your data for your remote employees, contact us. We will refer you to people who can help you.

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