What topic are you talking about today?

Doing searches to discover all that the Web has to offer can be a lot of fun, until you have to sort them, filter them, organize them and then assimilate all the content you have gathered. Strategic foresight, done properly, always ends with information that’s relevant, but you still have to find a way to keep all the links, documents and images that will be used when the time comes. So how can you ensure a better management of your online encyclopedia?



Because you have to start somewhere, the first step before any other operation is to create an interest group. And as the groups are independent from each other, each one can be kept private or shared, depending on your willingness to share the content you add.



First, the topics you choose should make things clearer. An easy way is to choose a theme per topic. As long as you understand it, you’re doing it the right way!



Much like an RSS feed, place all the items that catch your attention during the day in the same place. Through the groups and the ability to categorize your latest additions as “unread” or “favorites,” sorting through it will be much easier, we promise! Another great feature is the “Crowdbase” browser button. Add it to your browser and let it do almost all the work for you.



Much like a discussion forum, Crowdbase users can ask each other questions about specific topics. This feature, left entirely up to the discretion of users, can be used to inform without any censoring, and perhaps provide a new perspective on a current affairs issue. Is there a question you want to ask? There is no easier way and you’re sure to get relevant answers from your colleagues!



Links and other Web items are not the only things that can be used as topics. Documents produced internally, important digitized documents, Excel content … everything can be added to Crowdbase! Take advantage of this option to store your important administrative documentation or to distribute internal training among different work teams.

Dropbox, GDrive and Box

But that’s not all! In just a few clicks you can transfer all the content you have already started to integrate from other platforms. With this feature, nothing will slow you down when using Crowdbase. Your Dropbox, GDrive and Box accounts, among others, can be easily integrated to Crowdbase.

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