Crowdbase, It’s Social.

The main purpose of Crowdbase: it allows you to share and learn online. It also makes you to want to share with your colleagues and your subscribers. Imagine the time that could be saved if all the members of your work team had access to the same information, the same bank of links and inspiration? What if the stakeholders in a specific field had access to your tables and could add documents and other links that they thought were relevant? Learn how to share your knowledge with all your subscribers and feel free to go digging into the news feeds and topics they add. The more people involved, the greater the capacity to learn! 

An Accessible Profile


With this version, first and foremost we wanted to offer you a simple platform that’s easy to use. This simpler profile provides a mini-tutorial directly on the main page, which demonstrates all the features that are included, in just a few steps. In order to be comfortable sharing all this content later with the people you choose to, you must first be able to find your links and other documents. You will want them to be classified so that both you and your subscribers can easily access them!

 Focused On Sharing

Once your content is properly identified, your tables created and your topics defined, you’re now ready to share! Don’t worry, each table can be used the way you want it to be, without it becoming public. Select the data you want to share with your team or friends and click on “Share.”

You need ideas to maximize the sharing possibilities with Crowdbase? Consider the transfer of knowledge between professionals, online training, confidential documentation distributed between users in your organization, inspiration and research for various projects, recruitment or classifying employment records … the possibilities are endless!

Rediscover the Web

The Web is, and will always be, a gold mine of information and relevant content. The only problem, and this is what motivated the creation of Crowdbase to begin with, is where to store all this knowledge and documentation in an organized manner. We wanted a place where it would be easy to view and share it, quickly and efficiently. Adding the Crowdbase button to your browser and installing the Crowdbase application on your smartphone gives you two ways to filter and exchange data. With one click, you will be sure to keep important links you find relevant.

Your subscribers’ news feeds also have an abundance of content that’s ready to be discovered, without you having to do the searching. And for people who want to push the social network experience a little further, the keywords will help you diversify your inspirations and broaden you potential to discover!

What team related task have you used Crowdbase for recently?

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