Using Crowdbase to privately share links with your teammates

There’s a tremendous amount of knowledge based in the things we read every day. We spend hours looking for information and learning about topics that are important to us.

Sadly, that knowledge we gain from what we read is rarely shared with our team. When we share links, we usually send a quick e-mail or write a small update on our social networks that is typically ignored or quickly forgotten. There must be a better way to use that information to build long-term knowledge and to help teammates to learn.

Easy to use.

Crowdbase allows teammates to easily share links by entering them manually on the platform, by using a bookmarklet, or by sending an e-mail to their own unique Crowdbase e-mail address. No matter where and how you like to read content, adding interesting articles to Crowdbase takes only a few seconds.

Always organized.

All the content shared in Crowdbase is analyzed, indexed, and searchable. We also use our own blend of algorithms to automatically identify the subjects of a link to help people easily organize the various links’ and their content into topics pages.

Because links in Crowdbase are organized by topics and searchable, anyone at any time can find information more quickly, save time, be more efficient, and be more productive.

Give it a try!

Crowdbase is free, and you can add as many teammates as you would like. Go ahead; create your own account, invite your teammates, and start building your team’s collective knowledge today.

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