Introducing Post by Email, Starred Content and more!

Our team is thrilled to announce we’ve just added two new features to Crowdbase that make it easier to share knowledge with your coworkers and learn: Post by Email and Starred Content.

Post by Email

Sharing knowledge with your coworkers just became much easier. Have you read an interesting article or an important e-mail that your coworkers should know about? Forward it to your own unique Crowdbase email address. The content will be archived and searchable.

To obtain your own custom e-mail address and learn how you can easily share links, write notes, or ask questions via email, visit the Tools page available in your Crowdbase account.

Star content

All users now can “star” interesting content their coworkers have shared. It’s the best way to quickly find posts you previously liked or articles you had wanted to read later.

And many more!

We also recently launched a better way to view answers, log in, find out who viewed content, and much more. For further information, please check out our previous post and let us know what you think about these improvements!

One thought on “Introducing Post by Email, Starred Content and more!

  1. HI, I am trying to find my own custom e-mail address. But there is not a Tools page available in my Crowdbase account. Is It a deprecated featured??

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