Making Your Life Easier: Using Tags, Highlights and Annotations

At Crowdbase, we thrive on building features that highly impact your workday and help you save time. Here are two important features that we truly believe can make a difference for you and your team!

Using Tags

We have improved the Tags feature, making it easier to navigate between tags and to add tags to existing content.

On the left navigation bar of your Crowdbase, you can now see a list of the common tags used within your group. This allows you to easily view every post under a tag with just one click.


When reading content, you have the opportunity to add a tag that you find relevant to a post, even if you are not the original author of the post. On the right navigation bar, you’ll see Add tag next to what you are reading. It’s that easy, and it is a great way to complete the information by adding relevant keywords.

More on Tags

Also, when reading a post, you may find more than one tag attached to it. Click on one of them to find related content and continue reading and learning.

Tip: When someone enters a keyword in the search bar of your Crowdbase that matches a tag, this post will appear in the search results. So go ahead and tag!

Highlighting Content

Considering the amount of information you may encounter during one single day, it is easy to overlook something important. However, when you post an article that contains crucial information, you do not want that to happen! So what can you do to ensure everybody on your team reads the important knowledge you provide them?

Simple: use our Highlight feature! How?

Click and drag your cursor over the selected section and a box will appear. You can choose to add a Comment about what you’re highlighting or select Save to finish.

Every member of your Crowdbase group will see what you highlighted and the comments you added. Even better: they each will be able to add a comment and highlight other parts themselves, making the information complete, accurate and personalized.

Want to share something with us about Crowdbase? Got any questions, comments or ideas? Shoot us an email at or simply hit the Help & Support button in the bottom right corner! We’ll be happy to help :)

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