Adding and Managing Content

Learning and discovering is why we built Crowdbase; so that managing and finding documents and information becomes a piece of cake! Here’s a quick look at some of the features that will help you with knowledge management.

Adding Content

You can write a Post, add a document or a link to a Web page directly from your Crowdbase home page. You must absolutely assign a relevant Topic to your content before uploading it. Your content will then appear on your home page, in the Latest section, as well as in the chosen topic page.

Put a post in the wrong place? You can move it to another Topic if you go in Edit mode.

New Post

You will see a Tag feature next to the Add Post button. Tags are like keywords that you can add in order to help others find that content later when they search for these words.

Learn More About Links and Files

What is convenient about Web links is that you can view the website the Post comes from by clicking on the View Original link. When posting a web link, do not forget to add handy topic keywords and tags!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 7.30.16 PM

As for Files, you have the option to Download files that has been previously uploaded into Crowdbase, or you can upload one yourself and assign it to a Topic for further reference.

Adding files

More Tips & Tricks

The Manage option (the symbol that appears when you hover on a post) allows you to feature a post, giving it a prioritized position on your Home page and the relevant Topic page. The Manage option is also where you’ll find the Delete option, if you want to permanently remove a post from your Crowdbase.

Finding content

Use the Search tool at the top right to enter keywords you want to look up. A list of documents, links, articles, questions and tags containing what you are looking for will appear.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 7.27.55 PM

Got any questions, comments or ideas? Shoot us an email at or simply hit the Help & Support button in the bottom right corner! We’ll be happy to help :)

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