Welcome to Crowdbase!

Our whole team is very proud to show you Crowdbase today.

The project was born a year ago at Mirego, when we decided to build a product that would ease knowledge sharing within our enterprise. Since then, every member of our small, passionate team has worked hard on the platform, bringing our vision and skills to the project while listening to the important feedback from our users. The small project has become a business, and we’re glad to show it to you at last.

Crowdbase is an enterprise social network that allows its users to build a virtual library of knowledge. We believe social networks aren’t just for personal entertainment; they can be adapted to become very efficient work tools. That’s why we’ve built our own blend of algorithms and technologies that structure knowledge by interest and relevancy to capture and preserve key information.

We hope we’ve reached our goal of bringing a simple solution to this complex problem. We can’t wait to get your feedback – we’re eager to keep on improving the platform to help people learn faster!

-The Crowdbase Team

PS. If you want to be kept in the loop about what is going on at Crowdbase, visit our blog, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter :)

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